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DDO Request Ap Cyber Tresury, to generate their pay bills online. They have to feed necessary details of employees initially to update files. Subsequently month after month the pay bills can be generated by the DDO, with marginal changes wherever needed for each month.  The DDO can electronically submit the bill. The data of the pay roll will be automatically accepted into the treasury online application. No separate data entry needs to be made.

The package facilitates issue of electronic LPC which can be accepted by the new DDO and the package takes care of the entire internal housekeeping of deleting the employee for the old DDO and attaching the employee for the new DDO. The deduction of Loans is linked to the earlier encashment of the Loan Account. The deductions are enforced automatically.

The advantage of DDO request is it handles bills quite comfortably and the demerits of DDO request goes like these, the present working employees are stressed at great and it has no accountability.

Ap Treasury Official website : https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/

DDO Request direct link :

Ap Treasury DDO Request

Visit the official website of : https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
Enter your DDO Code and your DDO password.
Now the options of DDO Claims and DDO Requests are used in this website.

DDO Request AP Employees Bill Status :

visit Official link : https://treasury.ap.gov.in/cybertry/index1.php?service=ddo_billstatus
Select Your District, STO COde and DDO COde.
and check Your DDO Bills Status.

Main theme in DDO Request :-
1. DDO request is strictly liable for generating monthly salary of an employee.
2. It schedules the bank statements according to data provided in DDO request.
3. It also handles PF, EWS to the monthly paying bills.
4. It also maintains and process statements for each month manually.
5. DDO request is responsible for regulation of Income Tax, Income Tax Returns, TDS Returns etc
6. it also Manages PF, Loans, withdrawals , Interests, Reports

IMPAcT : The treasury department has developed an advanced integrated software package called Integrated Management of Pay and Accounts and Treasuries (IMPAcT) which is aimed at computerizing all functions of Treasuries.

This package caters to the maximum utility enabling to monitor on-line developments with regards to:
· Passing of bills
· Reconciliation
· Lapsed Deposits under PD Account
· AC Bills and DC Bills
· Government Receipts and Expenditure
· Maintenance of Class IV GPF.
· Electronic payments
· Electronic transmission of scrolls
· Pension payments to 3.4 lakhs existing pensioners along with new pension cases

Address :
Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts
D.NO: 7-57
Sri Anjaneya Towers

email:dirta@apsu.ap.nic.in .